Soft One Series 5

Cloud ERP, the solution for your company

Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 is a complete business solution, part of the new generation of business software and supports the operations of the “modern open company”, giving organizations a number of unique benefits: automating processes for rapid adaptation to market changes, exploitation resources without geographic restrictions, an automatic flow of information with suppliers, customers and partners.

Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 uses the most advanced Cloud services and solutions, benefiting from the technological benefits offered by the Windows Azure platform, ensuring maximum availability and security. The solution is available in subscription mode and does not require additional investment in software, database licenses, or hardware.

Our innovative solution, Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5, can make the difference in the market with the many advantages it incorporates: flexibility in operation, 100% customizable, tailored to new business needs without the need for complex installations. In other words, it makes it possible to switch to the “customer service” area, offering more value at a lower cost.

From anywhere, just by accessing your tablet or smartphone

Managers are increasingly in need of mobile solutions and end-users need increased flexibility when operating an ERP solution outside the office via smartphones or tablets. For market players, regardless of the size and field in which they operate, Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 is a must-have for SMEs through the state-of-the-art technology they offer through embedded web & mobile solutions that become mandatory in the environment business, business management reports, and investment flexibility.


About the author: N. Rizopoulos