Unisoft Atlantis Entry

ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP is fully in line with the requirements for a complete management of all company data. It processes an unlimited amount of data and information, regardless of the source they come from, simultaneously responding directly and efficiently to the need for information exchange between the company and its working points. ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP corresponds to the high requirements of companies, groups of companies and multinational companies, delivering immediate, concrete and measurable results, thus contributing to the creation of infrastructure and the use of tools that encourage competitiveness and development. Based on advanced ROADS technology, ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP is an open architecture system that fully exploits the potential of the safest data, running on the most popular platforms. ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP can be connected and is compatible with any existing IT or telecommunication systems (peripheral applications and automated data collection systems – cash registers, automation systems control and barcodes etc.) thus helping to capitalize and increase the efficiency of each peripheral information system used by the company. The ATLANTIS ENTRY ERP work environment, as well as the innovative design-to-user communication mechanism, contributes decisively to quickly familiarizing users and improving their performance, both during their daily use and during information searches. Atlantis Entry ERP can be found in several variants including Atlantis Entry I.

ATLANTIS ENTRY I – Provides a pioneering and easy-to-use user interface that focuses on functionality and performance. It covers all the financial and organizational needs of modern small and medium enterprises, provides constant communication and support through innovative services. The ATLANTIS ENTRY I system leads you in organizing and rapidly integrating a data processing environment into your business. ATLANTIS ENTRY I is the solution user-friendly key for personalization, provides integrated information and reliability in operation. ATLANTIS ENTRY I is a program that includes the trading part, which includes: Debtors, Receipts, Order Management and Sales Documents, Creditor Providers, Payments, Order Management and Acquisition Documents, Sales Agents-Collectors , Other Customers-Suppliers Transactions, Bill of Exchange and Bills to Order, Special Account Management, Banking and Banking Management, Stock Management and Control, Deposits, Color Sizes, Stock Documents, Alternative Codes, Foreign Currency, Components, Pricing Policies, Mergers and Consolidations, Documents Services, English Release. Now you can improve and develop your business by taking advantage of our current offer for ATLANTIS ENTRY I with a license fee of 550 € *


*Price do not include V.A.T.

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